SUPERHOT • Cruelly impaled two cypher beings with a sharp object • 10G • 11.43% of gamers unlocked this

Just a few quick minutes of gaming before training tonight, so I went with my flavour-of-the-month in SUPERHOT. I’ve had a few problems with the achievements on this one lately, for instance last night I completed all the requirements for the ‘Deep Web’ achievement, but it didn’t actually load until I started the game tonight. It’s a similar case to that of Sea of Thieves, where a whole heap of achievements unlocked after-the-fact.

In that vein, I actually completed this achievement three or four times over before it registered. The gist of it is that you throw your katana and kill two bad guys in one hit. One of the challenge levels is ‘katanas only’ which made it a bit easier. But, by now you should know me. The thing that doesn’t bother me most about this achievement has nothing to do with the technical aspects of the Xbox network. No, it’s to do with the spelling of the achievement!

What is a Shishkebap? Is it the same as a shishkebab? Has someone inadvertently hit P instead of B? Is it an inside joke? What is it?

We may never know … what we do know, is that killing red dudes should be part of everyone’s therapy.


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