He Was Much Feared

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 4 • 20G • 35.66% of gamers unlocked this

A bit of an emergency session tonight just to get this one in! For the better part of the last hour I’ve been playing the COD Modern Warfare remaster, but on veteran, you run a bit of a risk of making less progress than you’d like. Tonight was Exhibit A. I am this close to finishing the level, but at 11.40pm, I had to switch to Bigby (a risk in and of itself as we’ve learned before) just to grab today’s achievement.

Bigby visited a butcher shop tonight as part of his pursuit of the magic mirror shard (among other plot lines) and ended up in a terrible sequel to Breaking Bad. It’s a great bit of story for the Fables universe, and it will be interesting to see what makes the cut for the sequel.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I might have a quick session to try and finish that COD level. Either that or I’ll be awake for another 90 minutes!

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