SUPERHOT • Kill 100 Red Dudes with a rifle • 15G • 7.95% of gamers unlocked this

Full disclosure: Today’s screenshot is from an earlier capture of SUPERHOT. I forgot to take a picture today, but the achievement itself is absolutely 100% genuine!

Today’s achievement was more about seeing what was available on SUPERHOT and then doing a rise-and-repeat on killing bad guys until the achievement popped. For a while there, the progress wasn’t tracking properly, as in it wasn’t displaying on the side menu – but it seemed like it was tracking fine in the back-end, because it popped after about twenty minutes of gaming – with the progress bar (last time I checked) still a fair way off. Either way, as long as I get rewarded for doing the work I’m happy.

After that, there was a 700MB+ update to do on the Xbox, so I moved onto Ratchet and Clank (which I’ll try and write about a bit later). It’s actually great to see Xbox take some consumer feedback and push ahead with it in the throws of the God of War hype. The update is largely for those with bigger, better AV systems than I have, but, I assume much like the One X itself, there’ll be some benefits for plebs like me.

There didn’t look like much left in the ‘quick and dirty’ achievement list for SUPERHOT, so this might get shelved for a while, but I’d love to go back to it … one day … when time permits …

… sigh, might as well delete it now then(!)

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