Beginning of the End

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 1 of Episode 5 • 20G • 35.84% of gamers unlocked this

So … here we go. The final episode of Bigby et. al. The episode itself opens up where we left off yesterday, in the HQ of the Crooked Man and his lackeys. I think it’s this portrayal of the characters which I enjoy the most – particularly Jersey Devil, who looks like he’s fresh off the set of a bad 70s porn film. Having read Alice in Wonderland to my son the other night, I also found it hard to picture the Tweedle Twins as anything other than grunts for hire.

The chapter actually concludes in a brief battle with the Crooked Man’s subordinates, and – because I like to play Wolfy over breakfast – I wasn’t really paying attention and ended up getting Bigby killed, though unlike some of the other Telltale games I’ve played, the reload didn’t take me all the way back to some convoluted exposition, and instead I was straight back into the action.

I have to make some inquiries (read: do a Google) about when the sequel is out so I can time my Telltale escapades with some appropriate pacing. There’s still enough between The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands (and Batman) to keep me going, but because the Bigby story is so intricate, I feel like it’d be worth keeping up with it as close as I can.

First thing’s first though – get to the ending of this episode. It feels like it might be the week for it!

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