Paying Respects

Rise of the Tomb Raider • Attend a funeral • 10G • 14.29% of gamers unlocked this

This is a good lesson in why you read achievement lists before you start playing a game. I thought that this would be something that you could grab on post-game cleanup, but it turns out that it requires Lara to be in a certain place at a certain time – and that certain time is mid-mission.

As a result, this required a full mission replay, which you access via the ‘Expeditions’ tab in the main menu. And trust me, it’s a full mission replay – at least a solid twenty minutes, and recovery of some deep-rooted memories to solve the puzzle needed to destroy a statue, followed by an incredible fight/flight escape and a whole lot of navigating your way out of an underground chamber by doing a whole lot of swimming. It’s definitely not a quick-and-dirty achievement for a time-poor gamer.

The special editions of Shadow of the Tomb Raider were announced today, so I guess I’ve been a bit inspired to go back and tidy up what I can on this version. The Australian iteration (per usual) seems to be a little less exciting than what our American friends get, but that seems to be standard practice these days. I suppose there is comfort in knowing I got a great statue of Lara from the first reboot to sate my collectables thirst.

And I’m a thirsty boy.

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