This House of Straw

The Wolf Among Us • Completed Chapter 2 of Episode 5 • 20G • 35.77% of gamers unlocked this

This is good organisation by me, as I’m absolutely going to have a full head by the end of the day – and running on very limited sleep and with a backlog of TV to get through, I’m probably going to be pressed to get any TV gaming in tonight, which I guess is why I’m loving my recent return to the Vita. I’ve been half-contemplating a purchase of a Nintendo DS (any version) to sure-up my handheld gaming repertoire, but while Nintendo lack a proper achievement system and the ability to share content fluidly, I’m still a few steps away from making an actual purchase. If anything, I hope that Nintendo might have revived handheld gaming enough to warrant a new Vita, but I suspect that mobile gaming has pretty much killed-off any opportunity for another dedicated handheld in the short term.

One can dream.

This scene of The Wolf Among Us actually requires minimal input, but golly gosh darn if it isn’t a whole lot of fun. Running through the Fables’ New York as the Big Bad Wolf is as thrilling as it sounds – and that’s only requiring the occasional stick-flick to dodge cars and climb walls.

While I remember the ending of Wolfy, there is some interlude to still happen in this episode which I feel like is going to wrap up quickly over the course of this week. I still have a full day in Sydney on Friday for the Intel Extreme Masters, so I’m on the hunt for one quick achievement to earn as part of my likely 4am wake-up, but I guess 20 minutes of something Telltale is doable if I get up and organised early enough.

Watch this space.


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