A Friend In Need

Batman: The Enemy Within • Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 1 • 20G • 55.07% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Batman today. There was not really any time pressure associated with getting this achivement, but I’ve felt a bit ‘tetchy’ seeing it in my games library and not progressing the story.

And boy … what a moment to pick up the story!

I absolutely love what they did with the character of Vicki Vale last season, and this time around they have already started off building the Fox family and John Doe out as well-rounded characters. Even the man who would be the Joker is given a somewhat more fleshed-out past, while still maintaining the ambiguity of his past (so far). His relationship with Bruce Wayne is also delivered perfectly – without spoiling some of the great moments from Season One, the characterisation of the Wayne family has made for some brilliant relationship dynamics between Bruce and the antagonists of Gotham City.

The ‘friend’ in the achievement title is, of course, John Doe, who crashes a funeral to enjoy an exchange with Bruce that ultimately culminates in giving Batman’s alter-ego a general vicinity to look for the episode’s primary villain, The Riddler. It’s still mid-stream in terms of the episode’s story for me, so who knows where it could head … already I’ve had a swath of new characters introduced, a major one killed off, and some DC stalwarts reimagined – and that’s a quick turnaround in my mind, so if it maintains that pace then I’m sure there’s some more twists and turns to come.

I can’t wait.


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