Perfect Aim

Injustice: Gods Among Us • Win a match as Deathstroke without missing a shot (minimum 12 shots) • 10G • 1.47% of gamers unlocked this

Now that’s a rare achievement! I can kind of see why it’s rarity is intact though, having spent the last twenty minutes trying to stack this achievement along with the one for completing battle mode on Injustice, but the latter doesn’t seem to have popped yet so I’ll investigate a bit more this afternoon.

It looks like my last proper run on Injustice was around January this year, so it was nice to play again this afternoon just for ‘the hell of it.’ Right now I have essentially an empty house, so I took the opportunity to relax and just play something mindless. Injustice Battle Mode fit the description.

This afternoon is the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2018 Grand Final, and right now I’m enjoying ‘The Caches’, which is the esports equivalent of ‘The Ashes’ which is just brilliant. Much like the Overwatch World Cup, or any sport really, I enjoy my esports a lot more when I can barrack for a country rather than a team, but that’s just out of ignorance of who is on each team more than anything else.

Give me time though … I’ll learn!


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