Novice Librarian

The Wolf Among Us • Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 1 • 60G • 8.29% of gamers unlocked this

I didn’t mean for this to be my grab-an-achievement-early-so-you’re-done-for-the-day achievement. If anything, I’m a weak man who hates the thought of an unfinished game on his achievement list, particularly when a 100% completion is so easily within grasp.

Today I finished off Episode 1, which – thanks to IGN – led me to replay the early battle scene with Gren. All it took for me is to not rip his arm clean from his body to grab this entry, and grab a (surprising) 60G towards my gamer score. It’s a good game to play when you have a time limit and a goal to achieve, so I’ll likely be working on getting this game over the line in the next few weeks, but less so on days where I’ve got some time and flexibility to game …

… even if those days are increasingly few and far between!


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