What A Beauty!

Dovetail Games Euro Fishing • Caught your first fish • 25G • 74.18% of gamers unlocked this

I felt like playing something a bit ‘different’ this morning, and while I’m still a bit bitter and twisted about my bad back-slash-hip, a calmer game seemed appropriate. Thanks to Game Pass, a spot of fishing was in order.

For starters, I just want to put this out there: I am not a fan of fishing. I grew up in a household where we ate a lot of fish, and did a lot of fishing. I get incredibly sea sick, and I bore easily – so all variations of fishing make me irritable. Last time I went fishing it was to a trout farm near Bright, where I was taught how to stun a trout after catching it so that it died a somewhat humane death. Well, I tried that approach, and the thing was still moving after multiple bludgeons, so much so that it was still wriggling when we took it to the man for cleaning, where he promptly gave it a knock on the head, and it stopped moving straight away.

That was nearly five years ago … I haven’t touched a rod since.

So, the digital variety of fishing seems much more up my alley. Even my player character has a T-Shirt that speaks about the value of ‘research’, so catch and release is absolutely my kind of fishing. This first fish itself was fairly easy to catch … it all forms part of the tutorial really, so this was a bit of a no-brainer, but the tutorial itself gave a pretty good indication as to how the rest of the game would run.

Of course, this will appeal more to the micromanaging fisherpeople, as you get to choose your bait, your rod, your line tension, the angle of your cast, and every other detail you could set your hopes and dreams on if you’re into that sort of thing. Me? I’m a set-and-forget sort of guy. I’d like some sort of ‘ding’ that tells me when I need to pick up the controller again, and hold down LT to reel in the line.

There – I’ve summed up my ideal fishing simulator in 25-words-or-near-enough.

Tonight I’m hoping for a painkiller-induced early night, so I don’t know how much gaming I’ll get in – but I’ve also had a day without the Vita, so there’s a chance I’ll play something frivolous before the evening is out.

Better than a chance, actually. Almost a certainty.

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