Till Death Do Us Part

Tales from the Borderlands • Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 2 • 20G • 25.54% of gamers unlocked this

My journey into a weekend of being in pain and miserable continues, though I have a heatpack stuck (literally) to my back and I’m still popping pills, though I have tried easing off them over the course of the day. I figure there’s a balance between recovery and being in pain that I need to find – but mostly it’s about making sure I don’t turn into a horrible monster for my family.

Of course, the trade-off of using painkillers is that they make you drowsy, and so this afternoon’s session on Tales from the Borderlands was done as my eyelids got heavy and my head started to nod. Yes, I’m happy to admit that I fell asleep for about twenty minutes – just enough to keep me going for the afternoon, but I don’t think I’ll be in a position to repeat last night’s midnight gaming session-plus-overnight-with-the-toddler event, which happens from time-to-time, it’s all part of being a parent, but if the kids could time their annoyances to better days of the week, I’d be ever so much more grateful. So would be REM sleep cycle.

Of course, I didn’t spend the entirety of today’s gaming asleep – there were some decisions to be made. What did irk me a little was that I had to repeat a few sections of the game to get back up to where I was at last time. I remember this about earlier Telltale games, the ‘save’ feature isn’t actually for progress – quite often you’ll be past a save point or two, but if you turn off your game and then go back to it, you’ll find yourself twenty minutes earlier than where you thought you were. I’m not sure what exactly the game is saving – some of the Telltale games (and I’m thinking The Wolf Among Us) have other out-of-game things to collect (in this example, the Book of Fables), and a save makes sense there, but just kicking you back for the hell of it? No, that’s just annoying. I don’t think it’s a big an issue in later games, which means – I suspect – that it’s either been resolved at the Telltale Engine level, or there are a couple of project leads developing games that have made a conscious decision to make save points actually save the game.

Either way, I am happy with the progress.

Tomorrow it’s back to a weekday, which means I’m going to have an attempt at gaming with a bad back and a full day of work – but I think I’ll be able to get it done without too many issues.

Thank God grumpy, pain-fuelled barbs don’t translate to text very well.

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