Puppies and Kittens

State of Decay 2 • You killed 100 zombies • 10G • 52.11% of gamers unlocked this

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve played a ‘new’ game (on Xbox anyway), but the Xbox Game Pass is keeping me slowly in-check and up-to-date with some of Microsoft’s new offerings. After a bit of a sleepless night, I decided to get up a little before 6am and experiment with the latest in the first party exclusives, returning to the zombie-infested survivalist world in State of Decay 2.

Long story short: I’ve been left wanting.

State of Decay 2 is, for want of a better description, simply a nicer looking version of the first game. The resolutions are a little better, killing zombies is a little more satisfying, but all-in-all, there’s nothing particularly ‘new’ that keeps me coming back to it. After about an hour, I had collected 13 or 14 achievements, with a few seemingly easy ones still to go that I’ll keep up-my-sleeve for the coming weeks, but there’s no sense that I’ll be rushing back.

There are some games where you want ‘more of the same’. When I say this, I usually cite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as the perfect example, where a modern military shooter stands out against a backdrop of World War and Futuristic Wall-Jumping Run-and-Guns. If they kept the story of Soap, Captain Price, et. al. going, then it could have been a great series. Instead, I’m left jumping from titles with a different Hollywood cameo each year in an increasingly-ridiculous farce of a series that has – for me, anyway – worn out its welcome.

If State of Decay was a yearly title, then I would say it’s welcome would have long expired as well.

In almost any other instance, State of Decay 2 would be a popcorn title that people would have some fun with for a few weeks before moving on, but when you’re competing on the first party front with the likes of God of War, then you really need to lift your game.

A worthy competitor this is not.

Here’s hoping Microsoft has something up its sleeve for E3 2018.



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