Ten Thousand Gallon Hat

State of Decay 2 • Settle a base in the plateau territory • 30G • 28.66% of gamers unlocked this

I started a new game tonight with the intention of unlocking this achievement. There were actually a few others that I got – one on purpose and one inadvertently, but I wasn’t happy with the screenshots and so I felt like a new game was the way to go.

Yes, I’m that fickle.

Getting the new territories is essentially about playing through the tutorial three times (one for each region). I’m sure that you can effectively go to any of the regions and establish a home without going through the tutorial, but honestly, in the ten minutes it takes to speed run through it – I wouldn’t bother. And I didn’t bother, a true example of practising what one preaches.

I have a very early start tomorrow – so I’ll be packing it in for the day and heading to bed. I’m looking forward to a much needed late night gaming session tomorrow night – if I can stay awake long enough that is!


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