Tilting at Windmills

State of Decay 2 • You settled your community in the valley territory • 30G • 23.36% of gamers unlocked this

I’m going three-for-three today, and have locked-down the final of the three starting settlement regions following another tutorial playthrough. After the first time, it really is a quick session, so this isn’t a particularly hard achievement, but none of them really have been thus far so I’m not too shaken up about my lack of effort.

For this community, I selected ‘the Odd Couple’ as my starting characters, and I have to say – that they’re actually probably my favourite of the groups to start with so far. Their dialogue seems more natural and appropriate for a pair of post-apocalyptic survivors, and I just enjoy playing the characters more than the others’ … which is incredibly subjective, but for a game which is really stretching the friendship on the playability front – I think a warm relationship with the player character is the least it can offer.

I tried to wander around and take some more interesting screenshots this morning, but to be honest – the entire world is ‘more of the same’, and I think the variety and increased complexity is supposed to come in the form of base and survivor management – neither of which floats my boat.

In the meantime, I’m back to my usual account swap nightmare on PlayStation, so I’m considering another playthrough of God of War on my initial account just for a trophy run. If you think that’s pathetic, imagine trying to live in my mind! I have a busy weekend planned, so I’ll be going for some low-hanging achievements tomorrow, and then Sunday morning I should have a bit of latitude to try something different.

Then we’re into the final stretch of this challenge. Bring it on.


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