Road Warrior

State of Decay 2 • You killed 50 zombies with your car door • 15G • 39.85% of gamers unlocked this

I am actually a bit time-poor over the next couple of days, so I wanted to just try and polish off the rest of the easy State of Decay 2 achievements before I move in with my life. Turns out, I ended up earning two achievements tonight – which would normally be fine – but part of me is also a little bitter that I couldn’t store one up for tomorrow.

Another example of why expanding the repertoire is worthwhile. I have played quite a bit of Vita today, and I’m sure the host of trophies I earned on my lunch break would have been equally good reading if I could have found time to document the experience!

The other achievement I earned tonight was for killing a juggernaut, which would probably pose a pretty big challenge, but really – I just rammed him a few times with the car I’d used for the titular achievement. I have to say though, killing the juggernaut was far more satisfying.

The other thing I tried tonight was a quick online game. My motivation was simply to try and grab an achievement, but there was nothing on offer before the network connection dropped out (on my host’s end, I suspect), and booted me back to my own game.

Insert shoulder shrug here.


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