White Box Laboratories

Splinter Cell: Conviction • Complete Single Player Story “White Box Laboratories” on any difficulty • 20G • 52.67% of gamers unlocked this

I was mad-keen to play some Dark Souls tonight … actually, let’s start that again … I was made keen to earn an achievement in Dark Souls tonight – but knowing my general incompetence at killing bosses, I felt it safe to grab a quick achievement from something from the pile of shame just to keep things ticking over.

Enter Sam Fisher and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

I actually played a couple of levels tonight, knowing that I had a bit of time up my sleeve to afford to a level or two, and likewise, it is actually a title that I’d like to finish … and so without really having much idea what’s going on, I just followed the bouncing ball … or text superimposed on the environment – six of one …

With that out of the way, I’ve been able to fire up Dark Souls tonight and try – but, no, not succeed – to kill the Taurus Demon. As I write, I’m attempting a cheesing strategy that involves sitting on the ladder and hoping he jumps off the bridge accidentally – but honestly, the thing just stands there and roars at me – so I’m probably just going to have to face facts and be killed by it sooner or later.

For someone who really doesn’t like multiplayer … I sure could do with a phantom summon right about now!

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