A Plan Came Together

Tales from the Borderlands • Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 2 • 20G • 25.04% of gamers unlocked this

This wasn’t supposed to be today’s achievement. I had actually spent a bit of time last night reviewing what was needed to earn an achievement in World of Tanks, and I was all set this morning to unlock a Tier III tank, something that I’d be able to quickly knock-on-the-head before I had to go to work. You see, tonight I will be leaving work early and driving for a few hours to my in-laws, at which point I’ll be rushed straight into a restaurant for dinner, filled with an unprecedented level of drinks, and then made to return home, setup beds for the kids, and then do a light level of socialisation before climbing into bed myself for the day.

The net result: no remaining time to play a game.

Of course, to make matters worse, the kids had an awful night’s sleep, meaning that I was up-and-down for part of the night, and slept through my first alarm. By the time I got up half an hour later than normal – I was confident that I could grab a Tier III and crack-on with the day, but on closer inspection, I think the achievement’s description: “Research a Tier III tank” did me in. Buying a tank with gold is apparently not a reasonable substitute for this achievement (either that, or it’s glitched), and so I was left for a last minute scramble to unlock something else.

Thank God for Telltale.

Today marks the first day of the final month of official achievement hunting. One month to go – wow, what a ride. It also means that I’ve officially been doing this for more than a year, but I’m committed to bring this home until the end of the financial year, and so I’ll persevere.

This morning’s chapter was actually a bit longer than I would have liked, but really, after being late, not earning my tank achievement and under the pressure of today’s schedule, anything beyond 15 seconds was going to be longer than I liked.

It was nice to see Loaderbot again though – I think he is perhaps the most delightful of all the well-rounded characters. Tales from the Borderlands still remains one of the most popular titles from the Telltale library – and for good reason.

And so, my busy schedule today drags me away from my blog as well – but I have high hopes that the weekend should be sorted with a small game I downloaded called The Food Run. It’s a small $3 game on the Windows Store that should – assuming the achievements work – keep me going for the weekend (I’m told that it’s an easy 100%), but I have backup options if-and-when needed.

Let’s see how we go …


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