Miracle of Atlas Engineering

Tales from the Borderlands • Complete Episode 2 • 50G • 23.42% of gamers unlocked this

Despite all my whinging about Tales from the Borderlands yesterday, I found myself drawn back in today – and sure enough, the achievements once again came thick-and-fast. Sheesh, I must have really hit a bad patch in yesterday’s hunt, given it took twenty minutes to earn one achievement, then in the space of about 10 minutes of gameplay, I managed to grab another four.

I had forgotten that this was the first we meet (or hear) about Gortys – who is, perhaps second only to Loaderbot in terms of my favourite Tales’ characters.

The climax of this episode probably was quite effective for people who were playing this game episodically. The delightful cliffhanger ending is a great narrative beat, but when you have the next episode on a platter ready to go, it kind of looses its sting a bit. Still, it deserves a mention simply for being designed to deliver maximum impact for those playing the game as it was supposed to be played.

It occurred to me while firing-up Borderlands this morning that I actually haven’t gone back and finished off those last few Book of Fables entries in The Wolf Among Us either, so I’m going to try and wrap that up this week so I can take it out of my game library.

If only there was a way I could sit there and organise my game library for a living! I’m sure there’s a parallel universe where there’s a very happy me doing that day-in-day-out.


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