Eyes On The Road

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed • Hit an opponent with a weapon while looking backwards • 10G • 13.69% of gamers unlocked this

A bit more Sonic today. Incidentally, as I logged on to type this entry, the top entry in my news feed was an article from MyNintendoNews which was reporting on the composer for upcoming Sonic Racing title.

The conspiracy theorist in me suggests that Xbox may have timed the release of Sonic All-Stars Racing as a Games with Gold title not all together accidentally.

Of course, as a result, I went hunting around the web for more details. I feel like this is a title that I should have heard about, or (more likely) I had heard about it in passing and then promptly dismissed it, but as I read about the new iteration (or reboot? Or just all-around new game?) of Sonic Racing, the less I became excited. Destructoid, in particular, were particularly scathing of their first look at the game – boiled down to “not particularly impressive”.


One thing that was common while reading though, was comparing the new title to All-Stars. What was equally common was the fondness for which author’s had for this game – an emotion which I probably think is ‘a bit far’ for what is a fun little racer, but I am nonetheless pleased to see it still holds up in the view of ‘real’ critics, and not just in the mind of a rambling blogger who is clutching at nostalgia.

(In case you haven’t worked it out … That’s me … I’m the rambling blogger)

In other news, I’ve been trying to find myself a new gamertag. Yes, I’ve reached that point in my gaming life where I feel like a bit of an identity refresh. I don’t know whether to go with an obscure combination of letters and numbers (which really appeals to me), or find myself a witty combination of words and mash them together, or just suck it up and stick with what I have. What I find soothing is that I have the option to make the change – and that on its own means that my anxiety around my online identity remains in-check. I look forward to another E3 where Sony continue to just show games and offer no service improvements.

Either way – if you follow me on Xbox and you suddenly find yourself with an obscure new friend on your list – then check that it’s not just ‘the new me’ first … but don’t worry, I’m yet to find any evidence that a new online day improves one’s ability to play games.


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