These Dreams

State of Decay 2 • You destroyed 5 plague hearts. Gross. • 20G • 25.46% of gamers unlocked this

I took advantage of the Xbox UI’s ‘closest achievements’ feature to decide what I’d play tonight, and it turned out that State of Decay 2 was second on the list (behind a pesky Diablo III achievement that I’ve struggled to get since the game launched).

In the tune from Frozen: Do you want to kill a Plague Heart? Well, I wanted to – so I did. One of the things that achievement hunting versus just ‘playing the game’ does is it forces you to risk a little more and play a little differently than if you were trying to – as the game dictates – keep your community alive and build. Instead, I found my character at near-death a couple of times, and infected with the blood plague, but instead of retreating and patching my character up – I doubled down and swung my crowbar at that plague heart like there was no tomorrow.

I’d be terrible in a zombie apocalypse.

Now that my achievement is out of the way, I’m planning on a bit of a session in Destiny 2. No reason, other than I’ve been itching to play a good shooter recently, and this should do nicely (still no additional achievements added with expansion pack 2, sadly).

Two days left until Xbox E3 press conference … someone call the Rocky Horror Narrator … I have such antisssssssssssssssipation.

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