Don’t Make Me Wait

Tales from the Borderlands • Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 3 • 20G • 22.16% of gamers unlocked this

It’s very hard to play ‘old’ games when you’ve been so utterly and thoroughly spoiled with the promise of new games for a whole weekend. The sheer volume of quality titles on the horizon is staggering, but I obviously have a few pet games that I’m looking forward to above all else (particularly since the A+ Bethesda conference).

So, it’s with a hint of apathy that I turned on my Xbox tonight. Flicking through my library felt stale, and while my catalogue combined with Game Pass actually gives me plenty to play, it’s finding the sweet spot of something you’re in the mood to play as well.

Tales did the job tonight, primarily because I could skip between the kids getting ready for bed and the TV to make sure a prompt wasn’t required. Of course, one of those moments involved me returning to see two hands nestled on the arse cheeks of a statue of Atlas, so not giving games your undivided attention does have some drawbacks.

The introduction of antagonist, Vallory, tonight actually puts me in the mood for some witty dialogue, so I’ll be dabbling a bit more before the night’s finished.

Either that, or fall asleep. It really could go either way …


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