Annette saved

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood • Choose to save Annette • 20G • 28.77% of gamers unlocked this

Truth be told, I actually spent a lot of time tonight trying to clear the second memory sequence on AC Chronicles: Russia, which – as I’ve talked about recently – isn’t exactly my favourite type of game. I eventually cleared the sequence, but let this be a lesson in actually reading the achievement list before diving in. As it turns out, the next progress achievement is all the way off at Memory Sequence 3, and while I probably could have squeezed it in tonight, I felt like I needed the slightest hint of action – and hot off the heals of E3, Wolfenstein felt like the sweet spot between mindless action, and – well, as Pete Hines says – fuck[ing] nazis.

I actually wasn’t paying that much attention during this chapter, so I assume that saving Annette was actually one of two (or more) choices that leads to something awful happening to the other character, in much a similar vein to the decision you make at the end of the first Wolfenstein reboot. Playing video games late at night when the kids are asleep – particularly a shooter – means that the volume is nearly rock-bottom, so whatever narrative is happening around the nazi zombies gets a little lost. I’ll try and work it out eventually.

In the meantime, I’ll keep fucking zombies.

In other news, I’ve done some housekeeping on the blog today, so I hope that the new layout drives a little bit of traffic and ease of use for everyone. One thing that has bothered me is the dates on a lot of the posts, which mismatches both when I posted them as well as the blog-wide UTC+10 setting.

I think my way around this going on is going to have to schedule all blog posts from now on to 11.59pm and hope for the best. The time doesn’t bother me as much as the date, so I’ll give it some thought. I’m also in two minds about ‘shaking things up’ too much while we’re rapidly approaching EOFY.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to squeeze a quick achievement out in the morning but we’ll see how we go. You’ll get your update tomorrow … or Friday, depending on when WordPress decide to publish.


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