Jet Lag

Microsoft Bingo 15_06_2018 9_42_49 PM

Microsoft Bingo • You have endured five numbers that cannot be daubed, called in a row during a match • 40G • 65.75% of gamers unlocked this

I have a fairly severe case of the can’t be bothered’s tonight – my darling children have been doing a red-hot job of keeping me up overnight, and so I could do with a much needed few extra hours sleep, so instead of watching some Netflix and then smashing out an achievement, I let the good times roll in Microsoft Bingo instead while Shameless played out in the background.

I still think ‘daub’ is a strange word, but it gets me an achievement (and a not insignificant GS addition for the day). I have quite a bit of time to dedicate to a solid bit of gaming tomorrow, so with that in mind – I’ll try something a bit more substantial then!


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