Grand Master Librarian

The Wolf Among Us • Unlocked all Book of Fables entries in Episode 5 • 60G • 15.58% of gamers unlocked this

It’s done. It’s over. 1000G all for chipping away at what is arguably one of Telltale’s best-received series, and one that I absolutely adore. I feel good about having completed this before the sequel comes out, despite it being delayed – and I think using it as one of my go-to titles for Achievement a Day has actually helped me understand the story a bit better. For one, that ending has always left me a bit puzzled, but knowing who fits in where as I’ve gone through the story has been useful in understanding their role in the ‘bigger picture’.

The trick for this Book of Fables entry was, really, not doing what I’ve done for most of my gametime on this game and set the controller down and go silent for most of Bigby’s responses. To unlock this entry actually required Bigby to respond to Bloody Mary, and so when given the chance, I did, and less than five seconds later (and it did feel like a long five seconds) the sweet satisfying sound of an achievement unlocking plastered itself along the bottom of my screen.

I still have Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 to get through, considering that the sequel for that really is coming up soon, but for today – I’m going to take it easy, get a bit of housework done, and – perhaps most importantly – do a bit of electronic spring cleaning. I finally managed to get my PC to boot back into Windows as its default, and there is a not-insignificant array of titles on there that are begging to be played.

I can almost taste their willingness to be achievements in the new financial year.

Thanks Bigby. Thanks Snow. And thanks to the Telltale team for bringing this delightful story to life. I know that Netflix are about to bring Minecraft: Story Mode to the small screen, but I think this is a title much more willing for the TV treatment … the dark tones and the adult themes make for a far more interesting twist than something like Once Upon a Time.


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