Puzzle Agent 2


Puzzle Agent 2 • Complete Puzzle Agent 2

As expected, I was able to smash through the rest of this game today – surprising even myself with how close I was to the end. It seemed like that there was actually only a few puzzles to go, and the guide that I had to track my progress had a lengthy ‘post-game’ section for a couple of the puzzles that appear at the end of the game once the main story has concluded (I finished these as well).


I was surprised that Wikipedia was actually able to summarise the plot for me quite well before I pushed through to the final few puzzles, which were no more or less difficult than all that preceded them – they were just ‘different’. I think the idea behind Puzzle Agent 2 isn’t so much that puzzles increase in complexity, but rather that you get an assortment of different brain teasers to stretch the grey matter across the span of the game. ‘Difficulty’ is a subjective term anyway, so it’s likely that some people will trip on seemingly easy, early-game puzzles as much as you are likely to on late-game ones.


Did I enjoy Puzzle Agent 2? Yes. Yes, I did. I would be quite happy to sit down and give the first one a go as well, but – and here’s the kicker – it doesn’t have any achievements. It was released in mid-2010 apparently, so there’s not really any excuse (in my mind) to not have a solid reward system in place, but I guess developers often have different priorities in mind when they build a game.

I think we all know my priority when it comes to playing a game though. And good gameplay mechanics and strong narratives are secondary to a delicious achievement on my gaming CV.


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