Sharp Dressed Fox

Super Lucky’s Tale • Equiped your First costume • 20G • 4.75% of gamers unlocked this

And now, the end is near. Today is the final achievement in my challenge. Super Lucky’s Tale takes the cake for offering up achievement number 365 I have written about on my journey throughout the past twelve months. Actually, we all know that’s not true – I’ve gotten carried away and written much more about other achievements over the past twelve months – but this one is ‘official’, and while it perhaps doesn’t have the same shine on it like a Destiny 2 Raid Achievement or a ‘game completion’ achievement for the likes of Dark Souls, but I was able to get this achievement with my son beside me as we laughed about a silly little fox putting on a policeman’s outfit and sunglasses – and you know what? That was perhaps the best achievement I could earn today.

I still really love Lucky, I feel like that he is as good as the likes of Banjo-Kazooie or Ratchet and Clank, but he is stuck down the back of the room and flagged as an ‘outsider’. Much the same way that any publisher has trouble breaking into an established genre, up-to-and-including characters, Lucky isn’t really talked about in the same breath – if at all. I would be very surprised if most people have heard of him – and judging by the rarity of some of the achievements in the list for this game (including today’s!), I suspect that there’s a fairly small percentage of people who have felt inclined to pursue a illustrious career playing Super Lucky’s Tale.

I’m going to publish a few thoughts about the year that was in just a minute, so I don’t want to wax lyrical about earning an achievement every day here, other than to say that it’s been a great ride, and I’m pleased I could find a few silver linings in my gaming life as a result of it.

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented – either here or privately – and supported the journey (whether you knew you were or not!) This blog will still be here for a while yet, with some small changes to how I’ll be doing things.

More to come on that soon!

In the meantime – thanks again. In the wise words of one of my favourite former television personalities: May all your games be good ones.


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