Mars Rookie

Mars: Mars • Land 6 jumps in a row without crashing

And so, the Achievement a Day variety bash continues, this time with a little mobile Achievement from a game which is – strangely – titled Mars: Mars.

I’m hoping that I can find a few other mobile gaming gems in a similar fashion to the way I discovered this one – and by that I mean giving my son my mobile phone and letting him download to his heart’s content anything that is free. I suspect that Mars: Mars was probably on the front page of the App store on that particular day.

The gist of the game is ‘jumping’. You take your little astronaut, and you jump from one pad to another, guiding them down with boosters that send you either left or right, and using them both to adjust the speed of your movement and descent – within a fuel-limited constraint. It sounds easy … but it’s not. Overshooting is pretty much game over, as is running out of fuel in the last few seconds before landing. The game is quick-reloading though, so it encourages failure as much as it rewards success, both of which I found myself experiencing in the hour or so that I played it.

I still haven’t quite worked out how to look at my gaming history on iOS, so I grabbed a screenshot of the particular achievement, but the absence of a dedicated App for GameCentre means that it may be safer, for the purposes of posterity, to grab another achievement later today.

Lucky I have about thirty new games I’ve loaded onto Steam for that very purpose. Thanks Fanatical and Humble Bundle!


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