Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol • Shoot down an enemy zeppelin

I have to say – I’m loving my new, broader-platform approach to achievement hunting. Even a lazy ol’ little lunchbreak is an achievement hunting opportunity, which tickles the gaps in my chaotic lifestyle just right.

I was tossing up today between a bit of Pillars of Eternity, which is a game I’d love to start again on a computer with a bit more grunt, or PATHOS, a funny little puzzler which I can’t really stand but seem to keep getting drawn back into. Ace Patrol was the only other option I had downloaded (and I’m on a limited 4G wireless connection at the moment thanks to technical issues), and so it won today’s race to be the game-of-the-day.


There were two achievements associated with the one mission I completed today. The first was this one, the destruction of a zeppelin and a couple of Nazi Aces. The second was the completion of what appears to be the British campaign. Either way, it was quite a satisfying 10 minutes of dogfighting with an equally-satisfying payoff. Thanks Sid!

Now, get me my aviator sunglasses and leather jacket.

Oh … and cue Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone.


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