Here We Go Again!


AdVenture Capitalist • Purchase the first angel upgrade on the Moon, “It Begins Again” – Great renewable resource, or GREATEST?

I guess it finally sunk in – AdVenture Capitalist … is a clicker. I know I’ve had a long-standing love of clickers – my regular pursuit of achievements in Clicker Heroes should be testament to that, but the collection and use of angels in AdVenture Capitalist is really the game mechanic which made me realise the comparison between Clicker Heroes‘ Soul Gems, or Insanity Clicker‘s Nightmare’s.

Once more, for emphasis: AdVenture Capitalist is a clicker.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of streaming of AC (that’s, obviously AdVenture Capitalist and not Assassin’s Creed) over the past few days, largely because it’s a game that is truly an idle game in every sense of the word. I would try and post some output here from my Mixer stream, but my recent overnight session is about a 5.5GB download – a little more than I’m willing to stomach on my mobile connection, and a lot more than what I could likely get away with uploading to YouTube. I suspect a bit of native streaming to YT might be in order with the view to properly archiving footage (rather than the temporary holding bay with which Mixer and Twitch hold content).

Full disclosure: I currently have games of AdVenture Capitalist going on PlayStation 4, Mobile and my PC (Steam), so there’s a good chance that I’ll be (or have already) doubling-up on these achievements, so apologies in advance if my aging mind double-dips on a blog post here-and-there. I’m trying to keep it fairly exclusive to my PC playthrough for the time being, so hopefully this will be where you’ll see most of my work.

In the meantime … I have some clicking to do …

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