Snuffed Out

Guacamelee! • Extinguished Flame Face

I had such an incredibly bad run of luck today that I really have had to scramble to find something to grab an achievement about. I played some Vita at lunch, tried to get through a bit of Lara Croft, Splinter Cell and even God of War tonight, but none of it was really floating my boat – certainly not enough to persevere for an achievement.

And so, I’m left with the pursuit of ‘fun’. Guacamelee! never disappoints.

I suppose it’s true of every game, but not playing regularly really does take a slice of your muscle memory when it comes to some of the more specific combat moves. Heck, even your regular memory takes a hit when you’re not sure what you’ve ‘learned’ as a combat skill and what you haven’t (made worse by my multiple efforts to play through this game on multiple platforms!).

I’m nearing the end now, so it won’t be long before I won’t have Guacamelee! to fall back on for an achievement, but I guess it will slide into the ‘backup’ pile much like Diablo III or Destiny 2.

I think, if anything, this shows that it’s time for a serious rethink about how gaming achievements are given, updated and refreshed. Judging by Xbox’s history with ‘timed’ and ‘media’ achievements – I feel like this is the platform to make it happen.

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