Seeking Allies


Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms • Attempt to get on the good side of some academic wizards

I’ve been having some trouble getting into Idle Champions the past few days – not philosophically, literally. The game would just endlessly load, which I think was the result of it receiving its ‘Founders Day’ update. Anyway, today’s effort to ‘fire it up’ seemed to work problem-free, and in under an hour, my troupe was rapidly heading towards the final showdown and the next achievement.


I wish that more licensed properties got on the Free-to-Play casual game bandwagon, certainly more than those who seem obsessed by the mobile phone audience. I agree, that there are a couple of great mobile games using licensed properties (and a lot of terrible ones), but the way that Idle Champions has been developed and deployed really tickles all the right parts of my nerdy core. The theme, the game mechanics, everything.

Importantly, concluding this adventure meant that I was able to start on the Founders Day quest line, which – for me – really means just doing enough to complete the first challenge, which will unlock Deekin for me as a early-game replacement for Brunor, the Dwarf. I actually thought that Deekin was a cute little dog-creature when I first looked at him, but of course a quick look around Google was sure to enlighten me that he was, in fact, a kobold.

Don’t judge – I can’t be expected to remember every character in DnD … particularly those that weren’t part of the original Baldur’s Gate ‘core’ group (thank God for Boo and Misc!).

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