First Blood


XCOM 2 • Complete the tactical tutorial

After a great deal of frustration both trying to kill the Valkyrie Queen in God of War, as well as tidy up the ravens and collectibles and the whole swatch of things I need to do in order to finish Kratos’ journey, I felt like a bit of respite from Norse mythology and a bit more, well, ‘shooty bangs’.


I am a huge fan of the original XCOM, and while I absolutely admit that I have never finished the first game – I’ve certainly sunk a lot of time and effort into it. I think I’ve probably gotten ‘quite close’ to the ending on either the original PS3 version, or Xbox (I can’t remember which platform – but I do remember getting to one of the climactic narrative beats in the story), and I think the team at Firaxis have done a great job of bringing both old hands and new players into the franchise.


I’m a couple of levels in so far, but this trophy is for basically completing the tutorial – which had similar themes to the original XCOM: Main characters dying and a nice mix of scene-setting.

And aliens. I do love me some aliens.

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