Defend Your Life • Kill 1.000 enemies

First off, a point of order – I don’t know why 1,000 is written with a period in it – but I’ve left it in because it seems like that’s important for the integrity of the exercise. Is it? No, probably not – but I have explained my logic and … well, there it is.

I haven’t played ‘much’ of Defend Your Life, which is essentially a tower defence game in which you establish various medicinal and traditional warfare barriers between the body and illness/parasites which all make their way towards what appears to be the anatomical-piece-of-choice. I’m currently around level three or four which seems to be the sweet-spot for unlocking this achievement, but really – for achievement hunters its probably easy enough to unlock at level one – given enough time and inclination.

Tonight, I have committed myself to some more God of War, which my mate just platinum’d today (the rascal is both child-free and unemployed, so he has a ‘bit’ more time than me!). I’m feeling better about it seen as I just 100%’d the River Pass, which was a real pain for finding everything. Turns out one of the relics was hidden in plain sight, in an area that I’d ran past countless times before. Very, very frustrating. My main aim trophy-wise for tonight will be to max-out my rage (I got maximum health last night), which should just be one Nornir Chest away – but at this point in the game, it’s more an effort to find the chests than open them. Patience is key, I suspect – it’s just lucky that it’s such a goddamn beautiful game.

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