Soul Trader


Clicker Heroes • Complete 100 Soul Quests

Physically, I am absolutely spent – which is amazing since I’ve actually got a week off personal training, and I have really just spent my day going from one screen to another – but in the meantime, I managed to set my heroes off on some quests between meetings, and – without even looking at the achievement list – this achievement popped on one of the ones I collected.

More importantly, revisiting Clicker Heroes prompted me to check in on Clicker Heroes 2 – and it has a release date! And it’s next week! Well, July 18 to be precise, so given that it’s probably US-time, I’m guessing it’ll be the week after Australia-time, but I have patience … perhaps not by the bucket load, but I can appreciate how much sweeter it will be with a bit of a wait.

Tonight is either going to be an early night or a bit more God of War … now with one hundred percent less Valkyrie Queen! After a solid two hours (yes, really) of battle last night, I finally ripped the wings off the most frustrating antagonist in the whole game. It felt so very, very good. And, if I’m honest, it still feels good. This must be the hint of euphoria that people who ‘get’ Dark Souls feel when they beat a big boss.

I figure that feeling may serve me well when I finally get back into Bloodborne.

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