Do you do everything that a random stranger tells you to do?



I have a yearning to play more adventurous games on my PC, but the volume of work that is edging in on my real life is causing me to find quick-and-dirty achievements, or even games, to be able to squeeze in on a coffee break, or – at best – a lunch break.

Today’s achievement comes from a game that is, well, all about achievements. In the overlap between my love of clickers and my love of achievements, comes Clicker Achievements, which is essentially a game where you click a circle for half an hour and earn yourself a hundred-odd achievements.

Truth be told, this is actually the second ‘session’ that I had with Clicker Achievements. My earlier session at the start of the month caused me to earn a whole swag of achievements, but today I was essentially forced to ‘start again’. Unlike other clickers – the point here isn’t so much to keep the momentum going on and offline for as long as you can, but simply to stay online, click away, and get to the highest number you can.

Thank Goodness for scripts and auto-clickers.

I didn’t actually rely on a hack for today’s achievement, though, instead I have selected one that I can easily justify and complete again if need to – and I earned it simply by reading the text on the screen.

In truth though, I just chose this achievement because it had a ridiculously long title.

On my fiftieth click, this one asked you to type in the numbers ‘5’ and ‘0’, and as I did, this delightfully-named achievement popped and all was good in the world. After that, there was quite a spot of silence while my auto-clicker made its way back up to the last place I left the game, but after a while it eventually started drip-feeding me some more achievements based on, what I assume is, progress.

“True interactivity is not about clicking on icons or downloading files, it’s about encouraging communication.” — Edwin Schlossberg, 2002

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