World 3


Hexcells Infinite • World 3 unlocked

I had booted into my Mac for the first time in a little while today, and while I was there, I figured I’d look to see what quick-and-easy achievements were on offer. For the most part, there was nothing ‘new’ on the playlist – a couple of puzzlers, and the odd aspirational title which I’d love to be able to sit down and play, but in reality, free time and the vicissitudes of life mean that they remain a nice, but unrealistic, little addition to my Steam Library.


Not Hexcells though. Hexcells Infinite offers just the right level of quick gaming and complex puzzler to get me through a coffee break. Today, it was actually a fairly easy grind, with just a couple of hexagons to get in order to punch through to the next level (I do enjoy getting an achievement for reaching a milestone, rather than completing it!), which meant that the pace I was working I actually ended up unlocking two new worlds – and the subsequent achievements.


I’m holding off on playing anymore today though – I feel like that I need a puzzle game in my back pocket, and certainly one where the path to an achievement is so overt. There’s still some God of War grinding to go tonight, along with an itch for some Bloodborne (brought on by that Valkyrie Queen) – all competing with the season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale tonight.

Good luck with that(!)

Praise Be.

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