Sink Beneath the Waves. Again.


Sunless Sea • Die 5 times in an unbroken lineage

I feel like Sunless Sea requires a lot more time to master than I’ve probably got to give it – but I know that when I first played it about a year ago, I did so during one of Steam’s free-play weekends, and then made the effort to keep an eye on the price for the following year during every Steam Sale and across the various re-sellers like Fanatical and Humble Bundle. Eventually I picked it up and added it to my library properly, but because I’ve been Achievement a Day‘ing for the past year, combined with an unwillingness to sit down and give it a proper go, it has now become a bit harder than I first thought to just pick-up-and-play.

And so, the achievement I earned was for something I do best in video gaming: I died.

And with that, I am once again free to grind away at God of War for the night. Just one trophy to go before Platinum … what a good feeling. Not sure if I’ll be able to stay awake for the entire night to get this one over the line, but at the very least I think a solid gaming session tomorrow will probably see me through.

Game on.


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