CUPID – A free to play Visual Novel • You gave Rosa her Freedom

The thing about Visual Novels is that they are essentially the PC, or the ‘classic’ equivalent of a Telltale game. Good, meaty stories that you can interact with as opposed to just a static telling of a story – and while that is not to denigrate other media – I just enjoy being able to suck down a good story that not only rivals anything else on television or at the theatre – but also lets me earn an achievement or two and build up my gaming CV at the same time.


This isn’t the first time that I’ve played CUPID. In fact, I’ve already earned about two thirds of the achievements thanks to the use of a guide, a pen-and-paper and just generally enjoying the story and fiddling around with a few different options (including speed runs) that get me the maximum achievement-age with the minimal effort.

Minimal Effort should be my middle name.


Tonight is another action-packed night, so I didn’t want to be trying to push for an achievement when I get home. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll appreciate that the evenings are cold, there’s less time to run around outside and play with your kids, making some afternoon/evening ‘couch time’ an inevitability. While the substance of this story isn’t really appropriate for my small kids (particularly the scene where a woman is having sex with a stranger – quite detailed subtitles on that one!), the idea of being able to spend the little time I ‘do’ have with my kids on something non-gaming related is alright by me.

… well, now it’s alright – if I hadn’t earned an achievement for the day, who knows what sort of neglectful Dad I’d be labelled as!


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