Did The Thing

Death Squared • Completed 1 Story level

Death Squared is one of the latest additions to the Xbox Games with Gold monthly freebies, and essentially amounts to an indie puzzler that uses both control sticks to navigate a red and a blue square around a 3D puzzle. And … well, that’s it … end of description.

To be honest, I have plenty of time for gaming tonight, but I really just wanted to try out something simple before I left for work this morning, and this seemed to fit the description. There’s no tutorial for the game – instead, you rely on diving in headfirst to discover how to play, but if you haven’t worked it out within the first 15 seconds, then – I’ll be honest – the rest of the game probably isn’t going to be for you. Even as new challenges and obstacles are introduced in later levels, it is usually only one or two deaths away from having that ‘a ha’ moment, and completing the level without much trouble.

Now that I’ve finished God of War, I feel like I’ve been a little bit lost lately with what to play. It’s certainly not for a lack of available content, but with what I have the appetite for. The last few nights, I’ve managed to have a bit of a session on Rocket League before having what I would normally call an ‘early night’ (which is still way after 11pm and pushing midnight!), but in terms of a game I can steadily work through – well, there’s a bit of a hole in my heart.

Perhaps some retail therapy is required to find one, decent, AAA title that will keep me sustained for a little while – I’m open to suggestions about what that can be, but chances are that I’ve already dabbled in it.


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