Before and After Science

Fortnite • Completed “Before and After Science”

For an achievement hunter, there is nothing more frustrating than having achievements ‘locked away’. Perhaps the best example of this is DC Universe Online, which tucked away its trophies (on PS4) behind a pay wall that required you to purchase one of the episode packs before you could unlock anything.

I took advantage of this week’s Xbox Deals to grab the Founders’ Pack for Fortnite at 50% off RRP, which not only unlocks achievements, but the other half of the game – the Player-Versus-Environment – section (for which the achievements are for). I have to say – I think this section is, by far-and-away, much more fun that the traditional Battle Royale.

In what I expected was a traditional, story-based campaign in which you run around fighting zombies (or ‘husks’), turns out is a much bigger strategy game that involves rescuing survivors, building forts that have a purpose, crafting resources, base management and – most importantly – shooting stuff. I’m about 2-3 missions in so far, and I am loving it. Loving it. The only downside is that it isn’t particularly family friendly, so I can’t settle down for an decent session to play without tucking the kids into bed (or, like today, playing before they wake up), but I feel like grabbing the game before it’s released to the world is a good way to get a headstart and build some capability and understanding into how the game works before the ‘cool kids’ (read: Twitch Streamers) discover it.

This is where I drop an obligatory hipster ‘I liked Fortnite before it was cool‘.

I’m in two minds about whether to spend the time playing the PvE (which I enjoy) or sinking my time back into the Battle Royale mode (which everyone else is playing) this season. I went and splurged on the Battle Pass last season, and – to be honest – I don’t feel like I got a whole lot out of it other than some new costumes and things. Other than updating my stats, there doesn’t seem to be any real carry-over goal from season-to-season (which, I suppose, is the point), so if I invest my time in building up my base in PvE which appears to have a slower burn (we’ll see if it resets next season), then I think I’d rather run with that approach.

Of course, being a Beta product – there’s a good chance than none of my progress will carry over at launch, and the whole thing will be a waste … best get those achievements quickly then!


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