French Ace Pilot (5 Victories)


Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol • Earn 5 Victories with a French Pilot

While I got AdVenture Capitalist working again, it looks like it might take a little longer to unlock the devil achievement that I’m pursuing. The Shrimp Farm seems to be the sticking point – while I can get to a healthy 600 items on almost everything else, there seems to be a barrier between the 500 and 600 leap on Shrimp Farms. It seems Bubba Gump doesn’t like to be bought-up for peanuts.

So, with that little frustration in mind, I had a quick skim over the games I had left to dabble in on the Windows partition on my Mac. And yes, I hope that was a long a sentence to get jumbled in your head as it was to write.

Enter Sid Meier.


Confession: I have absolutely no idea when I completed the other four missions needed to earn this achievement. There’s a good chance that the other days when the game kept crashing (it crashed again today, incidentally) that Steam has kept a record of my efforts separate to the game itself. If that’s the case, then I am absolutely enamored with Steam right now. In order to make sure that I’m not completely gaming (no pun intended) the system, I can cite another achievement in Ace Patrol that I am sure that I earned – completing a mission on a higher difficulty, which I set out to earn at the beginning of the day.

It’s a shame that this game is so unstable, because it actually is a very good title. I love the turn-based strategy of Sid Meier (Civ, Beyond Earth) and the most ‘real world’ application of his method sits a little better with me than the epic empire-building than the rest of his catalog.

In other gaming news, I managed to score myself a copy of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War for $20 from EB Games today, so look out for a bit more Orc-killing goodness in the achievement lists over the next few weeks.

Savo ‘lass a lalaith.


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