Winter is coming


Game of Thrones • Finish chapter 1

I am unashamedly a huge Game of Thrones fan. I’ve read the books, I’ve binged the series, and I still maintain that the GoT Telltale series is one of the best uses of the Thrones’ IP I’ve seen.


This entry into Thrones’ canon was released during the twilight of the PS3 and so I think I had gotten rid of my older consoles by the time it was released. As a result, this game (of thrones) was viewed on with reverence, but was relegated to ‘the one that got away’ for a long time. Well, thanks to my shiny new gaming PC … I finally get a chance to rekindle this romance.


The game itself is much like I had hoped. A delicious over-the-shoulder viewpoint ala God of War or some of the Resident Evils remains my favourite vantage point, and the richly detailed world of Thrones has just enough ‘open worldness’ to sate most voyeurs.


Perhaps my only complaint about the game is combat, which appears to take – badly – elements of turn-based combat with skill inclusions in a similar vein to Dragon Age. I think for a terrible combatant like myself, it will probably work out better this way, but I feel like I’ve been spoiled with the rich mechanics of God of War so recently that anything below that just doesn’t cut the mustard.

I am keen to continue the story though. This first chapter essentially introduces you to Mors, your protagonist, and Brother of the Night’s Watch. Chapter 2 takes you across the sea to Alester, a red priest, so I’ll see how that particular story goes later today.