AdVenture Capitalist • Buy 666 or more of each Earth investment – A lot of unlucky numbers

This is just a quick entry tonight, because I am neck-deep in study mode as I prep for my Microsoft Certification later this week. Nonetheless, duty calls, and what better way to burn through an achievement then to pull out one from the list of low-hanging fruit and grab that elusive ‘evil’ achievement from AdVenture Capitalist … you know … the one for getting ‘triple six’ of every investment on Earth.

With that in mind, I have nothing really of substance to add. Another one down! I think I need to start looking at what achievements on the Moon I need to start chasing … perhaps there’s something just as easy there to grab for tomorrow night – but I should have a little more time to wrangle study and gaming tomorrow … and on that note I’m going to insert a big, fat, ‘touch wood’ here!

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