Savior of Ceres

Resogun • Save all humans on Ceres • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 15.6% (Rare)

I spent five and a half hours on a plane today, so I spent my time working through some Resogun and a some other older titles that I’d already earned achievements on (on a different PSN account). I had this one in mind when I fired up Resogun, and I’ll probably use Resogun more than once this holiday anyway, but the short version is pretty much the same as I wrote the other day – save all the humans. Period.

My Vita isn’t connected to the hotel wifi here though, so I haven’t been able to sort out an easy way to get screenshots onto this blog, so I’ve used a good old fashioned stock PlayStation photo to get me through! Looks like it’ll have to be iOS games from time-to-time if I want to keep those pretty visuals!


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