The Ultimate No Life Test • You tapped 500 times. Nice!

Sometimes, it’s not the achievements themselves that make the story, but the pursuit of them. If I told you I was frantically tapping my phone at 11.59pm to get to the magical 500 taps, would you judge me? Would your opinion change if I told you I was in a McDonalds drive through after a 5 hour flight home where I threw up in the plane no less than three times?

Yeah. It’s been one of those days.

My belated post is as a result of driving. I was keen to get the achievement, but I am able to make a concession on the blog post (as I’ve done before). The thing is, I can’t begin to explain how my Bali belly and that God-awful flight home nearly derailed this challenge all together. My flight out of Indonesia was around 3pm, already then I had spent some time in the bathrooms trying to vomit up whatever was causing my stomach so much angst. Then, it was mostly fine until meals began to get served on the plane, and the waft of that salt-based chicken seasoning that you have in two minute noodles? Yep, wasn’t the right day for that.

I also had a strange old woman linger near my seat with the stereotypical old woman perfume assaulting my senses.


Anyway, it’s done for the day. Perhaps I’ll share more about the flight from hell with you another time.

Or I’ll repress it …

… either option works for.