Marvel’s Spider-Man • Defeat Electro and Vulture • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 54.4% (Common)

I won’t lie: I’ve played quite a bit of Spider-Man this evening. I feel like I’m on the home straight with the game, having defeated four out of the six main bosses – and, much like this trophy, they seem to come two-at-a-time … so I’ll see whether that plays out the same as I barrel towards end-game.

But moreso than story progress, I have to say – I think I am more than a little addicted to photo mode. Much like Uncharted 4, I think I have doubled the playtime length getting through the game, as I pause to take what I think are excellent shots. Only in the last 24 hours though, have I discovered ‘stickers’ … which are a bit unnecessary in an otherwise awesome game … but I can see how an astute digital artist might be able to have a bit of fun with them. Perhaps I’ll flex those particular muscles post-game.

Right now I’ve taken a spare ten minutes out of my day to write up this blog entry, but I’m so close to the end I’m really just itching to get back to it. On that note, allow me to ‘thwip‘ out of here!