Marvel’s Spider-Man • Complete Act 3 • Bronze Trophy • Rarity 46.8% (Rare)

What. An. Ending. My goodness, I know I love a good narrative game, but everything from the final battle to the emotional roller-coaster of a conclusion was just … wow. It’s funny, how in light of the Telltale closure(s) over the past few weeks, the only real people I’ve seen hustling for jobs have been the writers – perhaps because it’s such a crowded market and opportunities are already thin-on-the-ground, but when you see stories deliver like Spider-Man, or any of the Telltale series, really, you often don’t think about how well written the damn thing is.

The PS4 Spider-Man writing staff at Insomniac should be very proud to include this on their CV.


There was a short warning, as there often is in these kind of games, warning that there would be no final chances to upgrade gear before the final battle, but it seemed like my general understanding of the combat mechanics and basic moves was enough to get me through in the end. Learning how to throw, duck and punch is really the three basics of the final battle, but having a sense of traversal doesn’t go astray for keeping your health up as well.

Spoilers follow …

What struck me in particular, surprisingly, was the emotion in the final Otto vs. Norman scene, and then again as Peter and Aunt May share a final, touching moment. Both of these scenes had such perfectly delivered, raw emotion that is rare even to find in traditional visual media. The bubbling despair and sense of failure and anger in Dr. Octopus’ voice … the realisation that May knew Peter was Spider-Man all along … the silence that follows as May passes away … all short, powerful scenes that truly demonstrate the power of video games.

It makes me very proud to be a gamer.