Marvel’s Spider-Man • Take down each Prisoner Camp • Silver Trophy • Rarity 28.7% (Rare)

Today I actually earned a small handful of 0G achievements from Forza Horizon 3 (the Australian one, not the recent one, FH4, set in the UK) identified as being a part of #Forzathon (sic), but given that I can’t actually pinpoint whether this is a real thing that’s happening at the moment or rather it’s part of a glitch (as it seems to have been in the past), I felt it safe to stick with one of my Spider-Man trophies that I earned as part of the ongoing trophy clean-up.

As part of my clean-up, I only actually had one Prisoner stronghold left to complete, and by now I’ve gotten the combat down to a fairly good art, so this didn’t take too long. In the past 48 hours I think I’ve successfully managed to clear-out the R&D labs, taken down Taskmaster, and the rest of the base-style achievements.

Not bad for a day’s work.

There are a couple of ‘hidden’ trophies which I’m hoping will form part of the side missions – of which I have hardly completed any, so I’m slowly going to start grinding my way through them now. Perhaps my biggest worry on this front is that the trophies are going to require ‘perfection’ in some of the bigger challenges – all of which I can do ‘OK’, but I typically fall short of earning three-stars … so soon enough it’s going to be a case of comparing complete trophy lists with the ones I have already earned.

Talk about a first-world problem.

Right now though, I have a new Xbox controller for use with my PC, so I’ve downloaded a couple of games that work with the controller to give it a spin. The backup Logitech wired PC controller has been relegated to the bottom drawer – while it’s functional, it’s far from comfortable … and I’m not getting any younger! Of course, I’ve been a console gamer for so long it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to use a controller on PC if-and-when that opportunity presents itself.

Borderlands, however is one game that does. It has just finished downloading, so with that in mind – I think it’s a good place to start.