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Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered • Took 10000 damage • 5G • 20.89% of gamers unlocked this

I didn’t want to run the risk of another overheat-shut down debacle tonight, so I thought I’d just grab a quick achievement this morning, and my first thought was actually to jump back into Overwatch and see if there was any of the event achievements that I’d be able to get. It looks like that I might have missed the boat this Halloween, because the event itself reads like it concludes on October 31, but even with the timezone shift, that means it should have ended yesterday, and as a result, I suspect that the game has returned to its normal self by this evening.

Instead, I went with good ol’ Letter Quest – which has served me faithfully for quite a while now. I figured that I’d probably missed the boat in earning an achievement this morning, and would have to attempt something tonight, but fortuitous timing meant that the 10,000 damage marker must have ticked-over during my game this morning. Thanks, Grimm!

I finished Making a Murderer last night, and so I’m likely going to head back to watch The West Wing tonight, as I feel like something ‘easy’. At some stage, I’d like to get a few thoughts down about MaM, but I’ll likely do that over on my personal blog. They’ve certainly done a brilliant job of piecing together not only the journey, but the current state-of-play for both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. Rather than re-litigate it here, I suggest keeping an eye on my blog, but, more importantly, watch the documentary.

For the rest of your free time … there’s some RDR2 to play.


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