Give to the Poor

Red Dead Redemption 2 • You donated $250 to the gang tithing box • 10G • 40.02% of gamers unlocked this

Despite my best efforts, it appears like the Xbox might be starting to teeter. Even after making some adjustments to its setup, I had another overheating shut-down last night, though I discovered that the vertical stand – which came with the console – actually blocked off quite a bit of the vent room, and so I’m hoping with moving the console back horizontally, removing the stand and giving all the vents a good clean … I might be able to prolong the life of my One X.


I had planned to grab this achievement just after midnight, but after the shut-down, I thought it best to leave it until morning, so that’s what I did. I’ve made what I consider to be some fairly good progress through the game’s story, though I can already feel that there is such an epic scope to the narrative, that it’s going to take a while. I actually like the way they’ve delivered some of the missions, or at least the prefix to the missions. In one instance, as I was re-entering the camp, one of the matriarchs of the gang came and passed on a message for me. In another instance, I saw a letter sitting on a table near my tent, and after I read it, it seems like there’s a whole other mission waiting for me from a long lost love who is ‘staying in town’ for a few days.

A+ pacing from Rockstar.

In other gaming news, I’ve been eyeing off the latest toys-to-life game from Ubisoft, Starlink, which looks like another game that can tickle my insatiable appetite for collectables, but also isn’t available on PC. While this wouldn’t normally bother me, the fact that my Xbox has been teetering, and my PlayStation is little more than a glorified Netflix box now that I’ve finished Spider-Man (still haven’t Platinum’d it though … gotta get to that), then I can increasingly see the appeal of being a PCMR’r. With that in mind, I’m not sure whether to hold-off until I can see my Xbox becoming more stable or just collect the toys anyway (I suspect everything will get quite cheaply quite quickly if both Skylanders and Ubisoft+Christmas Sales are anything to go by).

Of course, that is all assuming that I have my life back before Christmas. RDR2 is going to be a while.


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